Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Winter in July

Brrrr!  I have spent today chisling away, with a selection of mountaineering equipment, in an attempt to defrost the freezer.
Armed with a variety of bowls, a steaming kettle and a sledge-hammer I have managed to recreate a winters scene in the garden and flood the garage in the process. It's amazing what you'll find in my freezer, amongst the stray peas and mediterranean spuds, I came upon 'The 'Hand' and a 5 year old bag of grass-clippings from the hallowed turf of Chelsea Football club from the days of 'The Special One' (Jose Mourinho).
Looking for an've come to the wrong place...we're weird like that!!
No card today...need to thaw out!


Marlene said...

I'm tellin' ya, OJ Simpson has been looking for that glove! I'm sure it fits!

Kim said...


Faye said...

Remind me not to come to dinner at your place. Lord knows what I'll get for my tea! xxx

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