Monday, 27 June 2011

Happy Birthday Our Kid...GLEE!

I know what you're thinking..."surely a Spring-Chicken like Janey couldn't possibly have a child sooooo old! How old was she...7? And what is the secret to her youthful looks?..."
My secret is out...I am in fact a wrinkly ol' hag that hires youthful, pretty staff to pose as my childrens Mother in public! Trust yer kids get older, the less likely you'll be seen...especially if you're of the embarrassing-kind (I hold my hand up to that one! MWHAHA!)
So today is officially Sophie's 14th (said quietly) birthday and I have found the perfect digi, 'Miss Thang' from KennyK that not only looks like her but also pays homage to our heroine Sue Sylvester from Glee!
She's wearing a zesty-lime Promarker tracksuit, all the digi-papers are from the 'Owl Always Love Spring' collection from Summertime Designs which I just LURV! The bizarre flowers are made from circles of paper, snipped into & then every other bit folded back with a card candy centre.
It's gonna be 32 degrees today so I'm off to bathe naked in the garden...catch yer later xxx


Chrissy said...

I hope you blind fold those garden card and image, great colouring, and a most enjoyable funny post, thank you, I'm still chuckling away.

Tracey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! Fabulous card Jane, Sophie will love it - great colours & colouring!

Tammy said...

Fabulous birthday card, your coloring of it is awesome! Happy birthday Sophie!

Kim said...

I can seeee you jane!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!! Wonderful card!!!!!

Mina said...

nope wasnt thinking that at all Jane lol...wait until shes 26 and you will feel as old as me...Happy Birthday Sophie and I bet she so loved her fab miss thang card
Mina xxx

Marlene said...

Ha ha ha...the track suit is a Sue Sylvester thing! LOL!!

Happy birthday to your daughter. Heck, you're just a spring chicken. If it makes you feel any better, my youngest is going to be 21 this fall!

Gorgeous card, m'dear. Love the layering.

pickle said...

he he you do make me larf!! lol

Another gorgeous creation as are all your others since my last visit. Love the zesty colours and you layout is fab!

Kerry x

Faye said...

Ooh diggin the lime and purple! Is it cool to say that? You're not 26?! xxx

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