Friday, 17 June 2011

Another Award...Blush!!

Blush! An award...shucks!
This honour has been bestowed upon me by Jacki, thank you!!
By accepting this prize I must tell you 7 (more) random things about myself and pass to 8 other 'worthy' goes....

1. Are Friend's Electric by Gary Numan is my fav 'tune' of ALL time
2. First digi I ever bough was from Mo Manning AKA Mo's Digital Pencil
3. The film Father of the Bride makes me blub everytime!
4. I don't have the right legs for shorts
5. My engagement ring was presented to me from the 'airing cupboard'!!
6. I have a 'thing' for Alan Titchmarsh
7. Dolly Parton and I have a few thing in common

I hereby bequeath this award to the following special peeps for just being all round 'good eggs'...


Faye said...

Ooh, I don't know what to say, but thanks seems appropriate. Can I have cake and bubbles now?

Tracey said...

Aw thanks Pal {blushes} - muchly appreciated :D
I love Are Friends Electric too!
Have a great weekend.

Marlene said...

Oh gee, shucks, thank you. Though I don't deserve it after tonight's snarky post. Or maybe I do...because I don't have the legs for shorts, either. But dang, I didn't even get the consolation prize...Dolly Parton's ahems.

heidy said...

Hi Jane congrats and thanks for sharing.
I'm going on vacation now YEAH so when I get home in about 2 weeks I'll post it on my blog!
See you
XXX Heidy

Sassy Cheryl said...

Aren't you a sweetie! Loved reading your 7 things about yourself! Especially #7. Too funny!
Thanks girl!

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