Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Self Portrait!

Yes! They are my thighs, hips n' boobs & that's where any similarity ends.
If I wore a dress that short you'd see the flames from the chafing when I walked & it wouldn't be a pretty sight if a wind whipped up revealing my bloomers!
I'm gonna stop there...just in case you're eating yer lunch or tea!!
This is Veronica from Mo's Digital Pencil wearing her Summer 2011 Promarker frock in purple, the DP is from Making Memories, flowers are Flora Doodles from Petaloo with glitter & a ribbon...yes a ribbon (Shock! Horror!)
Now...go look at some flowers & get a prettier image in yer heads!!


Sandra said...

Great card... Love it! I thought the lovely lady was modelled on me... but then I realised she wasn't big enough ;o)
Sandra x

heidy said...

Love your card Jane,I was away for a few days,so there no flouwers at my house at the moment,omg what now
Oh I think of choclate,makes me always happy lol
Hugs Heidy

Marlene said...

Awww..she's pleasingly plump! And so what if there's a fire down below from the friction. Keeps the bugs out.

Tracey said...

Fabulous card Jane & the ribbon looks gorgeous!

Mina said...

I would so love to look like her Jane...we could both dress like this and hit the town and scare small children lol
Mina xxx

Dawn B. said...

I wish I had her confidence..She is perfect in Purple.. Great card..:)

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