Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easterly Greetings!

Greetings Earthlings!
 A couple of wee cardlets for your perusal today. Note the 'Clean' & Simple style & severe lack of chocolity fingerprints on my cards....that's coz the so-called Easter Bunny seems to have hopped right on pass my door & dumped his wares in my kids rooms!!! Yes...they've got enough chocolate here to satisfy Mr Wonka & rebuild his empire but NONE with MY name on it!!!
It's my own stoopid fault, I should have booked the kids dentist appointments after Easter & scared the B'Jeepers out of them with tales of chocolate decay woe! Instead they went last week & got the all clear so they can indulge...DOH!
SO...2 cards using a sweet flower digi from Pollycraft, coloured with Promarkers & glitter with an embossed framed border...and NO chocolate mess!!!
Right...can't stop, kids have gone out...this is my chance!!


Saskia said...

Happy Easter!

Beautiful cards!!!

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Haha!! loved your Blog post:) The cards are nice too!!

I have just become one of your Crazy Followers, sums me up nicely I think!:)

michelle x

Mina said...

that bad Easter Bunny, maybe he needs specs and got the wrong door Jane...I love the cas look of these they work beautifully...great colours too...Happy Easter to you and those you love
Mina xxx

Unknown said...

Go buy some choklit for yourself tomorrow - it will all be half-price then and you won't feel any guilt hee hee! These cards are sweet, love the 'all blue' one, wouldn't have thought of doing that, I like the idea. Hugs to you, Ellie Maggie x

Faye said...

Hi Sweets, these are both lovely and I admired the image from my dashboard. Very pretty. No eggs! What's wrong with you girl, go get the credit card...

Kim said...

Janey this is a wonderful card!!! No chocolate here either.....just as goes straight to my butt!!!!!! LOL!

Marlene said...

Awww...your cards are super sweet! Love the clean and simple look!

I hope you found yourself some choccy! (I didn't get any, either.)

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