Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mother's Day

Just to confuse Moi, somebody's moved Mother's Day to April this year! So I'm way early & will probably put this card away somewhere safe & then forget I made it & make another one (bit like my OH's Valentine's prezzie which I'd forgotten I'd bought & hidden under Oliver's bed. I'm sure some of last years Xmas prezzies will soon start re-appearing when I have one of my Mass-Tidy-Ups!) I was gonna say 'Clear-Outs' but there are some 'mucky' followers out there (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!)
Today I've made a simple flower-punched card in a variety of pastel shades with enough bling to start a fire!!
Gonna be another beautiful day today...ENJOY!! xx


Unknown said...

you know old age does that to ya, hiding things and forgetting them !!

I loves this hun, simple and effective

Judie xx

heidy said...

Oh this is simply gorgeous Jane!
Hugs Heidy

Sue B said...

Gorgeous card! Love the profusion of flowers! Against the white it gives a Classy effect!

Hugs Sue xx

Tammy said...

Love the simplicity and beautiful of this card. Hope you don't forget it!

Marlene said...

Well, it's super cute!! Just think, when you're old and will have so much fun "opening" all these presents you left hidden around the house!

Alice said...

beautiful design, Janey! love the scattered flwoers! such a pretty card!

Mina said...

I do that all the time too Jane...last year I found a set of underwear I had bought my Daughter for August lol...your cards fab I love all those sweetie flowers spread out
Mina xxx
p.s. I think the ribbon bows went to crafting heaven lol

Tracey said...

Hey Jane, I'm so jealous of all these fabulous cards you've made this week. But I have made my MILs mothers day card (& like you I will probably loose it before the big day lol).
Have a fantastic weekend sweetie :)


CraftyC said...

A very pretty card Jane, love all the flowers!

Kim said...

wow this is so simple yet elegant!!

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