Sunday, 13 March 2011

I'm Back!!!

Yes...I'm back! It's safe to come out of hiding since I broke into the mega-store that I visited last week & stole their CCTV footage of my Fashion-Mistake. I have a Hit-Man warrant out on anyone who has material ready to release on YouTube & a Rottweiler of a Solicitor champing at the bit!
My card today is for a Golfer-Holic (yawn...can't see the novelty myself). My Promarkers are still a bit embarrassed to be seen in public with me at the mo' so everything on my card is digitally made, from the papers, the golf chap to the hand-cut lettering, all from The Clipart Fairy. I've used items from the Golf Mad Kit and a selection of letters that were a freebie from the Men In Mind Alphabet set.
Glad to be back...don't like dark cupboards!


Marlene said...

LOL...what you DON'T have are the SD cards in the cell phones of all those people who quietly snapped your pic that day. Heehee.

Your card is cute...and I'm with you, golf...blah. Love the paper piecing, though!

Saskia said...

Great card!

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