Monday, 21 March 2011

Faber Castell Polychromos OR Prisma

I know some of my Facebook pals have already seen this question but does anyone have any leanings towards Faber-Castell Polychromos or Prismas or maybe something else.
Have had a 'play' in Hobbycraft (when no one was looking!) with the FCP's & fell in love & they're £1.26 each.
Any top tips, comments. etc...HUGELY appreciated!



Chrissy said...

Hi! Jane, I only use Faber castell pencils for my colouring. I love them, would love to get another set I found, has different colours as the set I have I'm limited. Have tried copics...I love them..but only have 10 now and they dont match each other.Never tried any other pencils.I posted a card the other day where I used eye shadows for colouring...that went real well.A set of 24 faber pencils in NZ..are about $20..colour softly first..use odourless solvent to blend..add more colour for shading and keep blending.. they are fast and you can use one colour and just keep adding it to make it darker.Well..listen to the what I DO..
Hope this has helped a bit.I could make a banner " I LOVE MY FABER CASTELLS"

Faye said...

Well I have prismas. In order for me to give a full and scientific response to your question, I am going to have to buy some Pollys. I will do this for you. xxx

Mina said...

I havent tried either Jane but would a go too...although I couldnt do without my distress inks for colouring
Mina xxx

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