Friday, 18 March 2011

Don't Laugh...!

It's official...Spring has been n' gawn, it's raining & blimin' cold here. So in an attempt to cheer you all up I bring you my first attempt at 'rolled' flowers. NO...Stop it! Get off the floor!!!
This is Arthur & his Present from the DigiStamp Boutique, all papers used are from the Basic Grey Eva collection with a ring of teeny punched flowers. Thank you Kim for the Rolled Flowers tutorial (yours were waaaay better!). They did come out ok but kept unfurling. Then I realised they wouldn't fit in the envelope so I gave them a huge squirt of glitter-glue & squashed them between 2 elephants cuttlebug plates. A few Basil Fawlty 'pointy-finger' motions & the threat of the bin & the little 'darlings' performed!
Have a fabby weekend everyone...


Unknown said...

Im gonna report you for cruelty to cuttlebug plates !!!! How dare you treat them with such bad manners !!!

Love the card hun, its just how I feel at the mo lol

Judie xx

martina's kaartjes said...

lovely card ! great !
greetings, martina

Chrissy said...

I think they are great flowers.At least when we make our own we get the exact colour,size,shape,but I know what you are saying, I made some the other night, looked at the screen, trying to copy, mine were a total disaster,looked like screwed up bits of paper.These are good, great job.

martina's kaartjes said...

oh, she's perfect ! great card, lazy !!! yes,
greetings, martina

Mina said...

those poor little flowers bless em lol...I think they are lush and your card even lusher
Mina xxx

Marlene said...

Well at least you're rolling flowers and not something else, woman.

Actually, they're pretty cute....I don't see anything wrong with 'em! Lovely card as usual.

(If you really hate the flowers, you can use them in lieu of snot rags to shove up your drippy nose, eh?)

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