Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Am I missing Something..?

I'm beginning to think that I'm actually the Crazy One & everyone else is sane! As you may recall my car insurance renewal arrived so I spent a few hours yersterday trying to find another company to beat this years renewal quote. My first step each year is to the ring the company I'm already with & ask if this is their final offer before I start hunting around.
This is my 'Bizarre Statement of the Day' - according to the Ins' Co. we are legally obliged to inform them EVERYTIME there is ANY kind of 'incident' with the car. So, for example,  if your car is scrapped or dented with say a trolley or key, etc you must inform them immediately, even if it's a teeny weeny scratch & you choose to ignore & not repair it. If you have an accident of any kind & any size (BIG or teeny) & decide not to claim on your ins' but get it fixed yourself you must inform them..."WHY?" I hear you ask...well my friends, it's so they can collect a log of your misfortunes & then penalise you at a later date for being a high risk, clumsy vehicle owner!!! (Their words!!!) Yes! You can bubble-wrap your vehicle & park it a zillion miles away on a deserted island but if some 'arse' bumps it...you're the muppet!!!
Also, thinking of moving?...make sure there's no mad drivers sharing your postcode coz their 'mishaps' will skyrocket your premium!!
The good news is I did get £55, for being a 'loyal customer', knocked immediately off the price when I said I was gonna hunt elsewhere for a cheaper quote. ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ask your ins' co. if their quote is their final offer & threaten to go elsewhere...I get a reduction everytime!!!
Woah! Long post...sorry, got that off my 'buzumbos', I can move on now!!
So my card today is a BIG, FAT 'Raspberry' to all you out there trying to rip us off. This is 'Dick Van Duck Party' from Just Inklined, with papers & flowers made from an old Papermania collection using my Marianne Design Open Flower Trendy Die & Crealies Leaf die (CLCS12) with card candy & glitter to finish.
RANT OVER.....Calm...xxx


Made by Mandy said...

They really are cheeky bleeders these insurance companies aren't they?

Love the expression on that little fella :)

Love Mandy xxx

heidy said...

Hi Jane,well I'll will give it a try at my insurance company!
Your card is great btw,I love this Duck!
Hugs Heidy

Unknown said...

Love your card... great image!

Mina said...

WHAT!!!!! nope Jane they are defo the nutters and we are the same ones...thats crackers...you vent away pet I would too...my pet hates at the moment is banks, I tried 4 times to put money in the bank today because although there are two tellers sitting on their bums doing nowt we have to q at the machine to try and feed money into that tiny drawer...then it chewed my $^&^$%$ card up aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh....phew calm now...your card is fantastic and I want to join in your raspberry to the ripper offas too
Mina xxx

Marlene said...

I think you should send this card to your insurance crooks, errrr, people! LOL!!! What a bunch of baloney!!!

Tracey said...

Cute! & such fun :)

Dawn B. said...

You go girl..Way to save some money. I need to do that too.. Your card is adorable..Love your coloring on this little guy.

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