Sunday, 6 February 2011


I've been sent this Love Award by Chrissy!
I'd like to thank all the cast & crew in the background of Janey's Cards for their support, loyalty & kindness...although I'm not sure if running from the room in fits of laughter at one of my cards really counts as support! In fact when I cast my mind back, there seems to be a lot of snorting, behind the scenes giggling and a whole lot of head slapping when I have one of my "Ta-Da" presentations!!!

My job now is to thank Chrissy for the award (tick!) & then go & find 3 - 5 other lovely peeps deserving of a bit of love...hmmm! Let me think!

Marlene - Disguised as a Grown Up - for giving me my daily fix of Snark
Judie - I Just Love Crafty Mess - for being one of a few peeps on the planet on my wave length & having the guts to follow her dreams
Beccy - Beccy's Place - for being unbelievably generous with her digi's (ooh! Er!)
Tracey - My Crafty Corner - for just being one of the sweetest bloggeroonies I know
Cheryl - Sassy Cheryl's - for being an awesome designer & coz she's had a sad time of late & deserves some Love!!

Thank you again to spread the Lurv'


Unknown said...

on your wave length youve got to be joking !!! your a nutter, im on the other hand completly sane and able !!!

Thank you janey so muchie for the loveie awardie, much apreciated

hugs hugs kiss kiss

judie the mad woman !!!

Tracey said...

Thanks for thinking of me Jane, I really appreciate it :)

Beccy said...

Thank you so much for the award Jane, I'm very flattered.
I've enjoyed having a sticky beak around your blog this morning... you're very clever and very funny too!

Marlene said...

Thank you so much!!! You are such a sweetheart. Really. I'm not even being snarky...this time.

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