Friday, 19 November 2010

Feast Your Eyes on This!!!

Yep! Not a card...but the World's Biggest Muffin-Looking-Xmas Cake!!
Once more I have proved that I really shouldn't be left alone in the kitchen. I followed the instructions but still managed to create something with a crater down the middle that would give the San Andreas Fault a run for it's money. And No... that's not an eclipse on the dark-side, it is ever-so-slightly burnt tinged on one side
 but a heap of marzipan & a humongous dollop of teeth-cracking-icing on top & no one will be any the wiser!!!
Too late to place your Xmas Cake orders this year I'm afraid!!
So no card today...I'm gonna have a day of Domestic-Goddessy-ness...obviously on a roll!!!
Have a fab weekend everybody...catch yer all next week xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tracey said...

mmmmmmm, you know not what you're talking about my matey - this cake looks yummmy & is making me hungry (better start cooking the tea then :( ).

Have a great weekend :)

Marlene said...

Oh my LAWD.....I just busted a gut reading "teeth-cracking-icing on top"!!!! You're too much!!!

That cake does look rather warty....but I'll bet it tastes good!

Susan King said...

That is definitely one giant muffin, look good!

Mina said...

my husband(the christmas cake expert) says it looks scrummy so your domestic goddess status is intact Jane....I can almost smell it from here
Mina xxx

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