Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Approach Me at Your Peril!!!

Yes! Approach ME at you Peril...avoid ME like the Plague...I'm having (another) one of THOSE days!!!
Where to begin...had to buy a new car wing-mirror this morning as someone bashed into me last night, went shopping & once I'd loaded everything on the conveyor-belt the damn thing broke, had to then queue up again as I'd been over-charged on several items, got home to find a trail of rock-hard, not-so fresh cream stuck to the bottom of the fridge from a couple of weeks back (Cream Disaster Story). Heaven knows where that came from after my massive clean up operation...alas I have no sense of smell so hadn't noticed a pong!! Then as I removed one of the glass shelfs, it slipped & chipped...AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I will out & about around Stevenage & Knebworth may wish to avoid these areas!!
Onto todays card which hasn't photographed too well (bummer!) but it was a special order...a card full of mystery (MWHAHAHA!!) It had to be black (bazzill cardstock), with a red centre, a black heart which I've whizzed thru' the Cuttlebug with a Divine Swirl folder and the spooky message "Destiny"...wooo!!!
Not entering it anyway...I'd probably crash the Challenge bogs!!
Have a fab day everyone! xx


Tracey said...

arrrrrghhhhh I hate days like that! hope it gets better if not go back to bed ;) Gorgeous card Jane, very elegant :)


Unknown said...

crist keeping away from those areas then !!! great card there smelly xx

Marlene said...

Well, at least your card turned out gorgeous!!

Sorry you were having a bad day! I hate days like that. Grrr.

Mina said...

aaarrrggghh I hate it when days gang up on you like this...I feel for you flower...never mind your mysterious card is fab
Mina xxx

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