Sunday, 30 May 2010

HUGE Excitement!!!

I have HUGE News!! The crazy fools over at Crafty Cardmakers have asked me...yes ME...I can't believe it join the gang as a fully fledged DT Member. Of course...when the invite arrived, I rang round all my prangster chums to find out if this was a wind-up...but oh no! It's true, they must be barking mad.
Then I began car, 3 course meals in a staff restaurant and a generous Company Pension Scheme...but a quick slap round the chops bought me back down to earth. To say I'm excited (& V.Scared) is an understatement. I hope I don't Bodge!! Wish me luck!!


Unknown said...

sorry Jane, I spent all the money in the pot, so you wont get your your company car, 3 course meal or your long awaited pension lol

But "BIG WELCOME TO THE MAD HOUSE" really looking forward to working with ya chic xx

enjoy - Judie xx

Marlene said...

Congratulations!! Totally deserving!

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