Friday, 18 August 2017

Alcohol Inks - Popcorn

Ahoy and welcome back to Alcohol-Inks-Anonymous. If you're an alcohol ink addict then you're in the right place.
Alcohol-ink-a-phobes look

Today I am super excited to be sharing one of my latest creations, which I have nattily named 'Popcorn'. I have been stinking the house out with my new, larger inky pieces. Seriously, the alcohol toxicity levels in our house would give a brewery a run for its money. Thank goodness it's summer, so the windows are open and fans are on full blast.

Now, like the muppet that I am, I have mislaid the colours of inks that I used, but I would hazard a guess that it was Ranger's Terracotta, Ginger & Rust.

The pieces I'm working on now are 9" × 12" (unframed) and as well as commisions, everyone I know will be getting a framed picture for Christmas, whether that like it or not, coz I 'm having so much fun creating...Ha! Ha! Ha!

Have a groovy weekend everyone!!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Inexpensive Inks, Storage & Colour Charts

Hi there!
Today I thought I'd update you on my ink storage solution and also highlight some 'oldies but goodies' from the ink world.

So first up, Distress Ink cubes.
I was VERY late to the Distress Ink party so when I did discover them, I went for the mini ink cubes. I bought them all from Amazon over a few months as they were a lot cheaper than anywhere else. 

All of them fit in to these inexpensive boxes that you can get from places like Hobbycraft or The Range (The Range is the cheapest place!) I use one A4 box and one half of a Peel-Off box (The Range, A4 box is £2.99 & Peel-Off box £1.49)

The Peel-Off box sits on top of the first layer of inks. There's also enough room for the distress tools and pads, plus some acetate for smooshing techniques and a Mini Mister. I keep a seperate foam pad under each ink, it sits in just nicely.

I made a simple colour chart on a piece of watercolour card, using both sides, and that sits inside the box too. So when ever I want to use distress inks the whole collection is together, colour chart to hand, the tools and I'm ready to go.

Here's the colour chart I made (front...

...and back)

So here's an 'oldie-but-goodie' ink collection....Brilliance Inks. These have been around for years but that's brilliant (excuse the pun) as now you can easily find these at ridiculously low prices and they're as good as all the latest inventions in inks.
The whole collection will easily fit in one of those A4 boxes I talked about earlier.

Check out those colours.....these are uber lush, moist inks, some with a pearlescent finish and some a metallic sheen. Brilliant Brilliance!!

Momento Dye inks have also been around for yonks, again the whole collection will fit in an A4 box and are really inexpensive now compared to all the new inks available.

Look at those dazzlingly bright 'em!

Up next....Versamagic Chalk inks. Again, they've around since the dawn of time but these are a 'must-have' set of inks to own. The colours are to die for and the finish is heavenly...a smooth, chalky look.

Honestly, just buy them because of the names....Sea Breeze, Aquatic Splash, Pink

My final, nostalgic reminder of inks, that you can still find at insanely good prices, are VeraColor inks. Seriously, this collection has just about every colour you could ever want. 

You can put a layer of inks in the A4 box and then sit 2 Peel-Off boxes on top with the rest of the collection in. I have also squeezed in some odd VersaFine & Encore inks that I had.

There's no rattling around, they all sit perfectly tidy.
Check out those colours...Love! Love! Love!

So I hope you may have found this wee look at some of the inks I have useful. If I was a wealthy woman with space to fill, I'd buy all of the latest inks but to be honest....I love a bargain, I get a big kick out of hunting down the best price and my space is limited BIG TIME. I'm confined to a teeny corner of the living room with a desk and sideboard. Using these inexpensive A4 & Peel-Off boxes to store my inks (with the colour chart enclosed) works for me and they stack on top of each other nice and neatly. 
Have a groovy weekend xxx

Friday, 4 August 2017

Alcohol Inks - Simple Inking

Ahoy and welcome back chez moi.
Before I start I need to point out that my final card photos seem to have come out a bit 'milky' & the colours a tad muted. I've no idea what happened there...the colours on the other photos reflect their true richness.

I think I've finally found my true happy place in the crafty world...Alcohol Inks. As well as cards I'm now working on some larger, framed, commissioned pieces which I'm really excited about. Watch this space.

I made this card a while back using Adirondack's Botanical, Citrus and Teakwood alcohol inks. Really simple to make, just drizzle on some blending solution or rubbing alcohol, drop on your inks and blow. 

You can use a straw or a Tim Holtz puffy gadget thingy-m-bob or even a hairdryer on a cool, slower setting to push those colours about.

I used Mr Holtz' Alcohol Fillable Pen to add the dotty effect. You could use a paintbrush to do this too.

Just enjoy using alcohol inks, don't be scared of them, let them flow, move and merge and gently help the magic happen.

Have a groovy weekend.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hero Arts Tropical Leaves & VersaMagic Inks

I hope you're having a great week...the weekend is almost here...Yay!!
I thought I'd make another card using Hero Arts' wooden 'Tropical Leaves' stamps and VersaMagic inks. 

I used the same stamps in a recent post (click here) in a clean and simple design.
For today's cards I've used them to create a kinda background paper look.

This time I've used a pastel blue/green selection of colours.... Turquoise Gem, Aquatic Splash & Sea Breeze.
I just love those names!!

So easy to do....just stamp!

Sigh....these inks come in such beautiful colours, so rich and creamy... an absolutute joy to stamp with.

To finish I added some pastel 'Spring Mix' sequins from Neat & Tangled and a sentiment using black alphabet stickers from Scenic Route.
Have a great weekend everyone xxx

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