Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Clear Stamp Storage Solution

In a recent post I wrote about my clear stamp storage system.
Well since then I've tweaked, retweaked, ummmed n' arrrred and finally settled on this solution.
This is my FINAL post on the subject as I'm thrilled with the result and I'll share below what I used.

Ok...so ALL of my clear stamps, regardless of size, are stored in these A5 punched pockets that I got from Rymans (£1.99 for 25).
I've added a piece of white card to each a) to give the pocket some stability, b) to show off the stamp & c) coz it looks darn neat. I used 300gsm from Hobbycraft (£9.99 for 100 sheets)

I cut the strip off the side of the pocket where the punched holes are, leaving about 2-3mm before the seam of the pocket.

Can you see that thin white strip left over? It comes away really easily if you just slide a fingernail where you've cut and the left over strip pulls away leaving a far more classy-looking pocket.

Next up...labelling. Initially I had cut a strip off the original stamp packaging and stuck it on the reverse side of my white card with the details of the stamp company & stamp name.

Then I found this baby, the Brother P-Touch 90 label maker, reduced in a couple of shops. I got mine from Rymans (£14.99). It comes with a full-sized tape thingy, black type on a white label (12mm x 8m). For goodness sake get your refills from Amazon. They're about £6.20 from Amazon compared to £13.99 at  Rymans!!!
Trust me, this little gadget is dead easy to use, has loads of font size options and characters and before you know it EVERYTHING in your home will have a label.
Top tip...buy a plug to go with it rather than buy batteries. It comes with neither but I got a universal plug, again from Rymans for £9.99.

Having labelled everything within a 10 mile radius of my house, it was time to create dividers to seperate my stamp collections. I've divided by stamp company rather than type of stamp (ie sentiment stamps, animals, girls, etc...) It's up to you how you divide your collection.

I made my dividers using these plastic A4 Clip files. These were £1.00 each from Staples, they're a white-ish colour with a 'wobbly' pattern on them. Coloured versions were wayyyy more expensive. They're quite sturdy but will easily go through a guillotine and I made 2 dividers from each clip file... I simply cut to the size I wanted, rounded off the 2 top corners with scissors and added a label.

Finally the all important boxes. 
These are 9 litre Wham storage boxes (£9.99 for 3, with lids, from The Range)
Obviously, I'm not using the lids, but these boxes are absolutely perfect for fitting the stamp pockets in. They're 14.5cm H x 23cm W x 38cm L, clear coloured, uber strong and dead posh looking.

Just to clarify, these pockets will fit regular clear stamp sets...

...tall stamp sets, like those from MFT...

....huge stamp sets, like the Winnie & Walter sentiment collections...

... and even a selection of red / grey rubber stamps. I've got 4 LOTV stamps in this pocket that are clinging to a piece of acetate in the pocket. I've stamped the images onto a piece of card in the pocket as a reminder of the images.

The only stamps NOT in my new pockets are the Tim Holtz Crazy Birds / Things sets, they're just a tad too big to fit.  They're in their original packaging but still fit neatly into my storage boxes.

So there you have it... my final Clear (and red and grey) Stamp Storage solution. I hope you've found it helpful if you're looking for ideas. 
Next stop....Stencils & Die Storage.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Forgive my overexcitednessnessness!
 Recently I made this card using the Birds of Paradise stamps from My Favorite Things ... see post here...(Groovy Birds Do Abbey Road)...

... and today I found out that, along with 9 other MFT-a-holics, I was chosen as an MFT Superstar .
To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement.
Thank you sooooo much MFT!!!!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Missing You Already

So today was the day my baby girl left home for university.
I thought I'd bawl, howl, sob & not be able to let her go.... but I didn't. 
She was so excited, so ready to go, oozing with confidence and impatient for life's next big adventure. I wanted to burst with pride than into tears.
Her new home is here....

...at Royal Holloway University and....

... it's Founders building is jaw-droppingly spectacular. It's one of those buildings that you have to see to believe.
I've had a text message tonight to say 'I love it here.'...so I'm happy.

Being a sentimenal ol' wotsit I made our Sophie a card and gave it to her as we left with a few 'pennies' enclosed to see her through Freshers Week.

I used the perfectly apt and cute stamp set 'Adventure is Calling' from MFT, masked off the little girl and used distress inks to create the background.

I used my Zig markers to colour her in....

...I hope you can see the colours I used.

Again I've used my Zigs just like regular markers, no water colouring.

A day I had dreaded turned out to be a beautiful day.
Our Oliver is happy as he now gets Sophie's bigger bedroom. The day hasn't ended, her bed still warm, the paint pots have been opened and already her purple walls are now a dark, slate grey. 
Two happy kids...

...what more could a mum ask for?

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Clear Stamp Storage

Please ignore the post below as I've now revised my clear stamp storage system.
Read this post Here.

This is a hugely exciting post (Not!) about my clear stamp storage solution.
I have lots a few (in case Mr C reads this) stamp sets and some of the plastic packaging is starting to tear. I've trawled the universe looking for clear storage pockets, especially for the larger sets from Altenew, Winnie & Walter and MFT's tall sets. My fav' online store Make The Day Special is able to ship in the smaller pockets from Avery Elle in the US but otherwise it appears the Americans are keeping the larger pockets to themselves for now...lol.

Today I found some A5 punched pockets in Rymans (£1.97 for 20) and thought I'd give 'em a go. (I know, I need to get out more!)

The larger stamps fit perfectly and there's room for a piece of white card behind.

These large Altenew and Winnie & Walter sets are about 6" x 8" so I'm dead chuffed I've found a replacement pocket to store them in and...

...MFT's tall sets don't stick out the top...Yay!
I'm soooooo easy to please.

Because I'm a bit of a saddo, I'm going to move all of my stamp sets into these pockets now, even the smaller sets.

I haven't got a label machine (Hint! Hint! Mr C if you're struggling for a birthday present idea), so for now I've cut off the company header from the original packaging, stuck it on the reverse of the white card and written the name of the stamp set.

I can also keep any special instructions in the back or...

...Post-It masks that I've cut out.

So there you have it...my incredibly interesting (yawn) clear stamp storage solution.
It's gotta be up there with the invention of the internet or landing on the moon on the scale of 'interestingness' & 'enlighteningnessnessness'

I'm off to get a life... see yer x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Popping In with a Pop-Up

The countdown to our Sof' leaving home for uni' is now into the final week... Sniff! Today has been a day of packing and checking that we can actually get everything she needs to take into the car. As a shoe & clothes-a-holic it's been quite a traumatic experience for her having to narrow down what to take and what to leave behind.

Can you imagine what it would feel like having to make the same decisions with our crafty stash...what to take, what to leave behind....Shudder!
Anyway, enough rambling. I've used MFT's Blissful Blooms stamp set today. I made a circle stencil using a plastic divider (scroll down to penguin post for details) and loosely taped it down with Post-It tape. 

I stamped around the stencil, masking the images and moving the tape as I went along.

I love the vibrancy of Zig Clean Color markers, so forgive me (again) for using them.

This time I remembered to photograph as I went along so you can see the colours I used.

If you're still wondering whether or not to give the Zigs a try then I really can't encourage you enough...I have no regrets except I wish I'd found them sooner.

Finally I used a brilliant die, again from MFT, called Pop-Up Birthday that leaves the bottom of each letter in tact so that the letters pop forward...Genius!

Behind the letters I stuck a small strip of card that I'd coloured with patches of colour so that they would show behind the popped-out letters.
A few clear gems, sequins and a swoosh with a Wink of Stella et voila!

Entering ths card into...
MFT Stamps Card Design Superstar contest (3rd entry)

Saturday, 12 September 2015

A John Cleese Moment in Time

For those of you out there who think card making is a stress-free, calming, soothing hobby you are wrong!
Trust me.... the amount of finger-wagging, cursing n' Grrrrring that went on while making this card put me right up there with that famous John Cleese moment when his car broke down....here
There are no instructions on how I made this card coz quite frankly in all my angst I forgot.
All you need to know is the ol' Zig markers performed on request and the stamps are Mr Holtz's Crazy Birds with their Crazy Things and a Winnie & Walter sentiment.
Off to the garden to regain my composure :-)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Penguins in Paradise

Greetings peeps!
Another week is hurtling by, almost time to shimmy Mr C up into the loft for the Christmas decorations. 
My card today features some cutie-patootie images from the MFT 'Penguins in Paradise' stamp set.

Having stamped & masked off my images, I made a circle stencil from an A4 plastic divider. The whole pack of 10 dividers was only £1, so I'm going to cut them all in half and make lots of my own re-usable stencils with the different dies I have.

So with my stencil taped down, I used Squeezed Lemonade & Salty Ocean distress inks to create the background...don't you just love those names?!

I can't get enough of these Zig brush markers, I hope I'm not boring you with using them.

I don't have a black so used the Light & Peacock blues to colour those cute little penguins.

3 shades of pink for the rubber-ring and drink, but trust me you don't need 3 pinks. You can get sooooooo many shades with just 2 pens.

Greens, oranges & yellows for the little fellas trunks and beach towel.

For the finishing touches I added dots with a white pen, glossy accents, Wink of Stella highlights and uber-trendy sequins (I am soooo down with the kids...lol).


Entering this card at...

MFT Card Design Superstar contest (2nd entry)
Moving Along with the Times -Cute Animals

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